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Save time.
Get more overview.
The # 1 EMR software solution for functional or integrative medicine practices. 
All the functionalities that support your practice in one system: providing an overview and saving time & money.
Save time
​You have all the functionalities that support your practice in one secure system. Patient-personalized treatment plans are ready faster than ever. Connections possible with accounting or CRM software.
More profit
Treat more clients in less time. Lower your software costs by working with one system. Automated communication creates lower no-shows and more product sales.
More overview
Multiple software programs are now unnecessary. With Practiceflow, you manage your entire patient file clearly and efficiently.

Suitable for...

Practiceflow is practice management software that has been specially developed for practice owners who want to save an exceptional amount of time and cost within their practice, with full digitization and automation. Perfect for practices that use one or more of the following elements in their treatments: lifestyle advice, supplements, medication, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, infusions / injections.
  • Functional medicine
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • ​Complementary medicine
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • ​Integrative medicine
  • ​Alternative medicine

 100% secure and in accordance with legal privacy requirements.

When working with medical and privacy-sensitive information, Practiceflow guarantees 100% secure data processing.
SSL encryption for data exchange
All data is encrypted via a secure connection. Qualys SSL Labs, an independent assessor, has assessed Practiceflow with the maximum achievable score (A + rating).
Web and mail are watertight
Internet.nl gives Practiceflow a high rating for web and mail security.
Multiple backups per day
Secure backups are made several times a day, providing certainty that all data is stored securely and is never lost.

30-Day Free Try-out.

Experience Practiceflow now for 30 days free of charge at our expense.
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  • ​All tools & software included
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Positive experiences.

""As a functional nutritionist, I use the software to make treatment plans and interview reports. Practiceflow is very user-friendly, easy to use, and easy to learn. With Practiceflow, I can do patient file management at least 50% faster."
"I work as a functional medicine doctor. With the software, a patient-personalized treatment plan is ready in a matter of minutes. Requesting lab tests and using text templates also saves me a lot of time, so I have more time and focus for the patient.” 
"With Practiceflow, I keep track of my patient interview reports in a very user-friendly way. Also, I have a particularly good overview of the total treatment for the client. A real 'all-in-one solution': everything is clear from the first appointment to the last treatment. As a result, considerably fewer questions via email/telephone."